Jerky and biltong

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Jerky - the ideal snack not only for travelling

Jerky is an increasingly popular snack not only for athletes, but for everyone who likes to enjoy a quick and hearty snack at any time of the day. You can enjoy:

  • asource of protein and energy,
  • low in carbohydrates and fat,
  • small and compact packaging,
  • long shelf life, and
  • zero chemical preservatives and dyes.

Dehydrated meat can be restored to its 'original state' by simmering it in water if necessary.

Types of dried meat

Nowadays, it is possible to come across various types of dried meat. Everyone can choose according to their taste and personal preferences.

  • Beef holds a dominant position as one of the best and tastiest sources of protein. In addition to protein, beef jerky contains a generous portion of zinc, selenium and other minerals. Taste our beef jerky, made with premium Czech meat.
  • Poultry meat is the most common alternative to beef. It is made from all types of domestic poultry - turkey, chicken, duck and goose. Chicken and turkey jerky contain less fat. Duck and goose jerky are much fattier, due to the thicker and fattier skin.
  • Fish meat is popular as a healthier substitute for traditional dried meats. It is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acidswhich positively affect heart function, improve memory and immunity. For example, try Speyside Smokehouse's dried salmon.

In addition to these meats, you can also find pork, boar, deer, elk and reindeer jerky from a variety of producers.

Which jerky to choose?

The range of jerky is really wide. It is therefore up to everyone's decision and taste whether to play it safe and give preference to quality beef or to choose an alternative in the form of poultry, fish or a completely different dried meat. In the Aktin range you will find jerky from the Fine Gusto, Indiana Jerky or Vilgain brands. If you're sick of snacking on jerky, try protein bars, raw bars or flapjacks.