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Healthy muesli

Amixture of flakes, nuts, seeds, chocolate chips or dried fruit is a great source of fibre, complex carbohydrates and energy. You can enjoy muesli on its own, but it's best with milk, yoghurt or cottage cheese. And if you have time, soak them in your favourite dairy product overnight. This will soften the muesli beautifully and bring the flavours together.

You'll find your favourite muesli from the following brands in our range Emco, Mixit or Semix. If you are looking for guaranteed quality, reach for our Vilgain muesli - "classic" sprinkled mueslior baked muesliwhich has a higher caloric value thanks to the maple syrup. In our offer there is also a choice for individuals with gluten‑free diet or those who are concerned about every gram of sugar.