Asian Sauces

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  • Vilgain Organic Coconut amino sauce
    Vilgain Organic Coconut amino sauce ⁠–⁠ mildly spicy soy substitute without additives
    150 ml
    6,99 € (4,66 € / 100 ml)
  • Vilgain Organic Tamari soy sauce
    Vilgain Organic Tamari soy sauce ⁠–⁠ thick, flavourful sauce from organic farming
    250 ml
    5,99 € (2,40 € / 100 ml)
  • Vilgain Sweet Chilli Sauce
    Vilgain Sweet Chilli Sauce ⁠–⁠ roasted peppers with chilli peppers, balanced sweet and spicy flavour profile, without preservatives and colourings
    Hot 330 ml
    5,99 € (1,82 € / 100 ml)
  • Vilgain Soy Sauce Spray
    Vilgain Soy Sauce Spray ⁠–⁠ gluten-free sauce made from select beans from the Netherlands, non-GMO, with a practical dispenser
    200 ml
    6,99 € (3,50 € / 100 ml)
  • Vilgain Organic Lupine Amino Sauce
    Vilgain Organic Lupine Amino Sauce ⁠–⁠ fermented lupin sauce, soy- and gluten-free alternative to soy sauce, intense flavour and aroma
    100 ml
    6,49 € (6,49 € / 100 ml)

Sauces for Asian recipes

Asian cuisine, it's not just "soy sauce". Sauces play an irreplaceable role in Asian cuisine and ensure the unique and unmistakable taste of each dish. As the popularity of this cuisine grows, so does the stock of Asian food in every household's pantry. The basic sauce equipment includes:

  • soy sauce an essential ingredient in Asian cuisine, ideal for marinating, in wok mixes or as a dip for sushi. An alternative is coconut amino sauce;
  • teriyaki sauce is a sweet and salty sauce, perfect for grilling, frying or wok;
  • hoisin sauce represents the Cantonese region where it is traditionally used for frying. It is a thick sweet and salty sauce with a soy base;
  • oyster sauce is a combination of sour, salty and spicy flavours, most often used as a condiment;
  • fish sauce is used in Southeast Asia as a salt substitute or as a seasoning for fish dishes, salads or soups;
  • sriracha is a spicy chilli sauce that adds flavour to any dish.

As well as the basic sauces, you can also try the ready‑made ones - for poke, pad thai or Vietnamese BBQ. And if you're a sushi lover, don't forget the sushi mayo or rice vinegar.

Of the foods you'll use in Asian cuisine, you can also buy sushi rice, noodles, rice paper, coconut milk and a plethora of spices, nuts and seeds.