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Ingredients of a quality protein barEach

protein bar is unique in its composition, so it is good to study the ingredients of each bar thoroughly.


should contain


sufficient amount of good quality protein, as little added sugar as possible and good quality fats.

A nice plus is the fibre content, which helps the intestines to function healthily and keep you fuller for longer. Quality protein bars are usually supplemented with vitamins or other minerals, but the macronutrient composition should be the key criterion.


more the better, ideally at least 30 g of protein (per 100 g). It is important to monitor the type of protein used. Whey protein is most often used, as it is easily absorbed and has a unique amino acid composition, which is especially appreciated by athletes. Milk protein, which contains both whey and casein proteins, is also suitable.

Of the plant proteins, fava beans are among the best, or a combination of several sources is also suitable. Soy protein is generally considered a lower quality protein source in protein bars, as it does not contain the full spectrum of amino acids needed and has allergenic potential.


is no need to go to extremes with carbohydrates, even if you are losing weight. It is enough if the bar has no more than 25 g of carbohydrates (per 100 g). Care should be taken with simple sugars (ideally no more than 5 g), which cause blood sugar spikes. Non‑caloric sweeteners or fruit may be considered preferable.

FatsThe protein



not go over the 20 g fat limit (per 100 g). It is important to monitor the quality of the fats contained and to favour sources of unsaturated fatty acids such as vegetable oils, seeds or nuts.

When to eat protein bars?


good quality protein bar can be a snack or a topping for any meal, but it is important to remember that it is not a substitute for a varied diet. Protein bars are ideal as a morning or afternoon snack, but they are also great for any time when you are hungry.

They are also suitable for replenishing protein after a workout, especially if you are tired of classic protein. The small size and long shelf life make protein bars a great travel companion. You can also add jerky or flapjacks.

Protein bars for weight lossProtein

bars are also great for weight loss diets. Protein, as the main component of protein bars, helps with satiety and at the same time has the highest thermic effect of all nutrients, preventing unnecessary munching. Getting enough protein while losing weight is also important to maintain muscle mass. If you are concerned about the ingredients, it is advisable to reach for


protein bar without sugar.

Which protein bar to choose?

We choose a protein bar solely according to the ingredients. You can delve into the topic in detail in our article, which is guaranteed to help you choose the right one the best protein bar. And what are the most popular ones? The Vilgain, Barebells, Nutrend or Snickers bars are definitely among them.

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