Protein spreads

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Why choose protein butters?

Protein spreads and butters are a great alternative to the sugar‑laden, cheap‑fat chocolate spreads sold in every supermarket. Protein spreads contain the highest quality nuts, high quality chocolate or cocoa and protein (usually milk or whey protein), which enriches the product with high quality protein.

The best protein spreads

  • Vilgain Cheat Spread - First up comes a protein butter from our workshop that we 100% stand behind. More than half of the content is made up of hot air roasted nuts, which are complemented by high quality whey protein and essential cane sugar (maximum 22% content). The butter does not contain preservatives, dyes or low quality oils. The most popular flavour is hazelnut cream with chocolate followed by almond with white chocolate and coconut.
  • BIG BOY Hazelnut cream with milk chocolate and protein combines dry roasted hazelnuts with honest milk chocolate and whey protein. The protein cream also boasts a low sugar content.
  • Superprotein Health Pack is a vegan protein butter that prides itself on organic plant sources. The butter is free of gluten, GMOs and artificial flavors, and is sweetened with stevia or coconut sugar.
  • HealthyCo Proteinella is an almost legendary protein spread from Sweden. It contains high quality whey protein and maltitol, which has only half the calories of conventional sugar. As a negative, we see a significantly lower proportion of nuts or a high sunflower oil content. In addition to the 'classic' hazelnut with cocoa, popular flavours are salted caramel or white chocolate.

Nut butters are a great way to get a serving of nuts into your daily diet that are packed with protein, healthy fats, or antioxidants. If you can't choose from the protein ones, try salty, sweet or 100% nut butters, among which you'll discover peanut or cashew butters. But with any nut spread, make sure you know how many nuts they actually contain!