Digestive support

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Dietary supplements for digestion and digestion

Acute digestive and digestive problems such as bloating, gas, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or heartburn can affect anyone. It only takes a 'small misdemeanour' such as festive overeating, excessive alcohol consumption and eating sugary or fatty foods. Wherever the problem lies, certain nutritional supplements can support the proper functioning of the digestive tract:

  • Fibre is an essential part of the diet. It is satiating, contributes to blood sugar regulation and also serves as nutrition for the gut microbiome. Some of the best supplements are e.g. psyllium or inulin.
  • Probiotics contain health‑promoting live microorganisms that support the diversity of the gut microbiome. In addition to probiotics, you can also buy synbiotics, which are enriched with prebiotics, the "food" for probiotic cultures.
  • digestive enzymes are catalysts for chemical processes that are responsible for breaking down complex molecules to make them more absorbable. Supplements are suitable for individuals with their deficient production or lactose intolerance.

Green superfoods rich in antioxidants such as spirulina and young barley or the herb milk thistle can also help with digestive support. In terms of vitamin and mineral intake, it is advisable to check for possible deficiencies of zinc, magnesium, vitamin B or vitamin D.

It is advisable to see a doctor if digestive and digestive problems persist for a longer period of time. These problems could be manifestations of chronic diseases such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.