Our history


September, 2023
At last, we make our bars!

We have enjoyed collaborating with others and have gained valuable experience along the way. However, we recently decided to bring the production of our baked and unbaked bars in‑house. This has enabled us to create and release over 50 new bars. By having complete control over the production process, from selecting ingredients to delivering the final product, we are able to maintain the highest quality standards and fulfil our commitment to providing you with the best possible product.

January, 2023

We didn't want to become complacent, so we decided to expand our business beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We ventured into the German, Austrian, Polish, and Hungarian markets, and we have no plans to stop there. By the end of the year, we aim to launch in more countries and continue growing our business.

Vilgain products are now available on local websites in 6 European countries, shipped from Brno and delivered within 68 hours.


December, 2022
R&D centre

With the opening of our own R&D premises in Brno Líšeň, we’re now able to develop new products in‑house. Having both R&D and production in one place has enabled us to launch our products faster.

April, 2022
Our company is 11 years old

Better late than never, we finally celebrate our 10th anniversary and what a journey so far! This has culminated with us moving into our new headquarters and merging with our manufacturing company, which means all our products are now offered under the Vilgain brand.

April, 2022
Brand new production-distribution hall

After 7 years, we relocated to a brand‑new distribution‑production centre in CTPark Brno Líšeň. This move allowed us to consolidate our production, warehouse, and offices, bringing them all together under one roof. Our team of developers, led by Jakub Horký, is currently working on developing an in‑house warehouse management system. It includes a semi‑automatic conveyor belt that will make shipping faster and more affordable for our customers.


September, 2021
First offices in Prague

We are expanding our operations by opening new offices in Prague's Karlín district by the end of the summer. Additionally, we are implementing remote and hybrid work models, as our workforce  grows by 47%.