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Vilgain Lifting Straps
Vilgain Lifting Straps ⁠–⁠ reinforces grip and supports maximum lifted weight, made of comfortable and durable material
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When and how to use lifting straps?

Lifting straps are fitness equipment made of textile or leather that, thanks to the reduced pressure on the wrist and forearm, provide a firm and secure grip that does not require concentration. This allows you to lift heavier weights or perform more repetitions. There are several types of lifting straps to choose from:

  • Wrap lifting straps are probably the most versatile type, as they allow the grip to be released easily. They are suitable for pull‑ups or trapeze exercises. To use them, simply thread your wrist through the loop and wrap the remaining piece from the other side of the axle.
  • The figure‑eight shaped lifting straps provide a firm grip, but cannot be easily released. The snaps are put on by pulling the wrist through one loop, wrapping the snap under the axis and pulling the wrist through the other loop. The snatches are suitable for exercises such as deadlifts or trapeze lifts.
  • Lifting straps with hooks eliminate the need for a strong grip as all the weight is transferred to the wrist. They are suitable for almost all exercises where there is a pulling motion.

Lifting straps are most commonly used for back strengthening, where they allow for greater focus on the muscle being trained as there is no early hand fatigue. Exercise gloves or hand chalks will also help with a better grip.

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