Sleep Aids

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  • Vilgain GABA
    Vilgain GABA ⁠–⁠ natural sleep and recovery support, reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood and cognitive function
    90 capsules
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  • Vilgain Chillax
    Vilgain Chillax ⁠–⁠ ideal for relaxation, improves sleep, with purely natural composition
    Wild fruits 150 g
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  • Vilgain Chillax
    Vilgain Chillax ⁠–⁠ ideal for relaxation, improves sleep, with purely natural composition
    Wild fruits 10 g
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  • Vilgain Sleep Support
    Vilgain Sleep Support ⁠–⁠ plant extracts and L-tryptophan, faster falling asleep, supports sleep quality in the long term
    90 capsules
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  • Myprotein 5-HTP
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    Myprotein 5-HTP
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Dietary supplements and vitamins for sleeping

Sleep is an essential part of human life, the quality of which determines overall physical and mental health. Whether you're trying to put on muscle, lose a few pounds, maximize your performance or just live healthier, you can't do it without quality sleep.

The stress and daily hustle and bustle of modern life brings with it the risk of poor sleep quality, and therefore overall satisfaction. Appropriate sleep supplements can help with acute sleep problems:

  • melatonin known as the sleep hormone, is flushed out of the body as darkness falls. Its supplementation can prolong and improve the quality of sleep, and is particularly useful for jet‑lag. An alternative is the substancetryptophan, from which melatonin is formed in the body (WARNING: above a dose of 0,5 mg per day, melatonin is considered a medicinal product);
  • cbd oil is a safe substance that is synthesised from cannabis. According to studies, CBD can reduce cortisol levels in the body and has a positive effect on the sleep cycle;
  • herbs are a traditional natural way to promote sleep quality. Some of the most well‑known herbs include lemon balm, valerian and chamomile. These and other herbs can be found in our tea Vilgain Sleep Tea;
  • vitamins and minerals are an often overlooked solution to sleep problems. Adequate intake of Magnesium, vitamin D, iron, potassium, vitamin B6 or calcium.

How to prevent sleep problems?

Sleep supplements can help with acute sleep deficiency or problems falling asleep. In the long term, however, it is advisable to ensure good overall sleep hygiene. It is important for a good night's sleep to:

  • a regular sleep schedule with a sleep duration of between 7‑9 hours;
  • suitable environment - darkness, silence, lower temperature, fresh air;
  • regular physical activity and sex;
  • limit blue light in the evening;
  • limit caffeine in the late afternoon;
  • limit eating and drinking in the evening.

In addition to following these rules, a regular routine can also help with quality sleep to help with relaxation. This routine can constitute evening meditation, yoga soothing music, reading a book or taking a warm bath.