In production, we are primarily engaged in the production of nut butters and protein powders. The team of six colleagues and almost forty part-time workers, students of food and related fields, as well as the number of our products, is still growing. We work with modern technologies, quality raw materials from all over the world, we try to optimize and improve existing production processes. Of course, a popular part of the work also includes tastings of manufactured products as part of sensory analysis.

The party in production also includes our own R&D team. We are engaged in the development and innovation of food intended not only for athletes, but for everyone who cares about the quality and origin of food. Our priority is to use the highest quality raw materials, obtained with regard to animal welfare and organic farming. We are constantly looking for new methods for the production of tasty, nutritionally valuable foods with a simple and balanced composition, because we believe that a healthy diet can also taste good.

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