Vilgain Double Trouble Protein Bar

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The product looks awesome, finally a protein bar without malitol and artificial sweeteners, I have been looking for so long. I am however allergic to Peanuts but not Hazlenuts. Is the Hazelenut bars produced on the same factory line as the peanut bars so there is potential for cross contamination. Do you have any plans to make a nut free protein bar as many people have nut allergies? Thanks
Hello, how is the coconut stick please? I can't even find it anymore
Will it please be coconut? It was delicious and the supply is running low 🫠
Too bad there is again an ingredient in it that is horribly excellent, but I won't buy it a second time. It's doing the same thing to me as pecan syrup.
Hi will there be a coconut version?😁
Hello, will you ever make protein bars without chocolate? Maybe in yogurt, so a person with an allergy can taste it? :D
Hello, do you have the kcal value wrong? After recalculating 9,3*19+4,1*30+4,1*17+10*4,1 = 410,5 kcal it doesn't fit me somehow. It says 460 kcal.
Please vegan or lactose-free version 🥹
Hello, can I ask if you know approximately when the rod will be in stock? I have a watchdog set up. Thank you very much
Hi, anything for people with milk protein intolerance? :( These bars look luxurious, only then I look at the ingredients and there's milk powder and mostly milk protein, which is all casein, which doesn't make me feel good. I don't mind the whey, chocolate if it was rather dark and it would be the bomb. So far, both with milk chocolate. Thanks :)