BI & IT development

The internal devel team has been operating almost since the beginning of Aktinu. During that time, we have created our own back office (e-shop system), on which our entire ecosystem, process and management of the entire organization are built. Among colleagues, we call it admin and it is used daily by every member of the teams. We are working on the AWS cloud. Our current challenge is the implementation of the new K2 ERP system. We also develop our own system design and user testing. We plan to rewrite the entire e-shop to Vue.js in combination with GraphQL within a year.

We have had a BI team since January 2020 and during that time we have managed to cover all the teams with basic data that help them with everyday decisions. Thanks to this, we can easily monitor, for example, the operation of logistics, marketing performance or activity on our social networks. The most interesting project for us was the prediction of the volume of orders, which now helps logistics to better plan shifts. We mainly use Kebool, BigQuery and Data Studio for our work. We plan to start personalizing product recommendations across e-shops and newsletters.

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