Sports bras

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Seamless sports bras

sports bra should be a must‑have for every sports woman. The main reason for its acquisition is the fixation of the breasts, which will make the course of physical activity easier and more pleasant. In addition, it also brings other benefits:

  • preventing the appearance of blisters and abrasions,
  • reduce the possibility of stretch marks and breast sagging, and
  • reduce the strain on the back and shoulders.

The level of support is an important parameter - light, medium and high support are the most common. The choice of support then depends on the intensity of the sporting activity and the size of the bust. Light support is used for yoga or weight training, high support for very dynamic sports. And which sports bras to choose from?

Vilgain sports bras

The Vilgain sports bras emphasize natural and comfortable materials and feature a minimalist design. They are manufactured using the so‑called seamless method, which minimizes the amount of seams that press and scratch, as well as the amount of waste material.

  • Cotton Bralette - The cotton bralette bra is designed for both sports and leisure wear. The bralette has adjustable straps and provides light to medium support.
  • Performance Seamless Bra - A solid sports bra designed for maximum comfort during any strenuous activity. The structured interior helps better air circulation.
  • Seamless Ribbed Bra - Sports bra with removable padding that naturally shapes the bust. The bra is suitable for moderate intensity workouts.
  • Seamless Ribbed Racer Back Bra - Sports bra with a racerback cut‑out that keeps the bra in place even during strenuous activities. The bra has removable padding.

In addition to sports bras, you can also try modal tops that are designed more for leisure wear. You can choose either a crop a halter top or a strappy top. Our leggings or shorts go great with all bras.