There are four of us at HR, and despite the fact that we are a small team, we have, like any HR, an overlap with the entire company. We solve recruitment, handle assignments and onboarding of new colleagues, which we then accompany with the entire work with us from the employment and legal point of view. In addition to an extensive administrative agenda, which is an integral part of our work, we also take care of employee satisfaction. We are constantly improving the benefits, we help with the development of our colleagues, but we also organize interesting teambuilding events, and if necessary, online - you can find out more at @ lifeatAktin . We try to be the best possible support for the managers of individual teams, as well as for individual employees. Our goal is a company full of satisfied employees, doing a perfect job.
Marcelka, our great office assistant, has been helping us with the care of our colleagues since last year, and she manages to provide everything we need for work. Not only do we have regular electrical inspections and health and safety, but it cannot happen that we do not have milk for coffee.

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