In the New Product Development team, we are in charge of both contract and our own production, development and marketing of products on the Czech and European market in the area of food & supplements under private labels Aktin / Vilgain. We define new products, ensure their production in the highest possible quality and offer them to our customers. We work with contractors across the EU, as well as within third countries such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines or Canada. Our work thus includes a wide range of activities from negotiating prices or composition, through the creation of labels and their legislative control, to cooperation with logistics and customs authorities.

In 2021, we expanded our scope, and in addition to the development of new products in the segment of food and food supplements, we also focus on fitness fashion. We create clothes that bring comfort and a great feeling from a good-looking timeless piece in the wardrobe of every active person. We want our clothes to fit well, look great and last a long time. We focus on details and a minimalist silhouette, which fits not only into the gym. When creating new pieces, design, development of the cut, selection of quality materials with regard to fashion trends and technological possibilities of manufacturers are as important to us as the needs and feedback of our customers.

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