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unfortunately it doesn't work for everyone :-( Great for me... it calms me down beautifully and I sleep like a log, but unfortunately nothing for my mom...

an amazing helper for poor sleep

Very good value for money product!

Super supplement to improve sleep, relieve stress and for a better mood.

I have been taking it for over a month now, my sleep has improved and nervous tension has reduced, I am very happy with the product, I have no side effects, I am active in road cycling and I am recovering much better, I also take Ashwagandha and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of my sleep, I definitely recommend to try it : )

It works nicely to calm down, but it doesn't have that much effect on the quality of sleep, it works more to release tension

I've been using it for a while and it's great

Great satisfaction 😊

I've really needed this lately.

I've tried combining it with Ashwagandha before bed lately and I have to say it's pretty interesting. I fall asleep faster and I seem to remember my dreams better too. I'll keep experimenting for sure. GABA has XY other biohacker-confirmed beneficial effects. Do your research.

GABA? Supplementation of GABA is problematic because it does not reach the brain when supplemented (it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier). A better solution is supplementation with substances that act on GABA receptors - this includes e.g. valerian. :-)
Hello, do you take ashwaganga before bedtime please?