answered questions
Hola, despues de usar el shaker durante 1 mes se rompio la tapa al abrirlo. Necesito comprar otro shaker pero tengo miedo de la calidad. Cree que fue un hecho aislado?? Gracias
Hello, when will the shaker in lilac be in stock, thank you.
Hello, will there be other colours or these shakers with a tray soon? :) Thanks a lot.
Hello, when will the 600 ml black shaker be in stock?
Can I please ask when the smaller shaker in black or lagoon will be in stock? Thanks a lot.
Shaker has arrived. Unfortunately, the spiral didn't. Is there any way to fix it? Thank you.
Hello, when can I expect the shaker in Lila to be in stock? Thank you for your reply.
Hello, I'd like to ask about the diameter of the bottom to fit in my car holder. Thank you.
Hello, probably a stupid question, but is the spring supposed to be left loose in the shaker? I haven't had it with the spring yet, that's why I'm asking.
Hello, I would like to ask if there will be bigger shakers in other colours?