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So underrated!! Cashew coconut is the best bar, really!

Soooo delicious! I've tried all kinds of oat bars, but this one tops them all

For me, the classic Vilgain Flapjack is much better. Oat bar almond chocolate tasted quite sour. But I don't see anything in the ingredients that would cause that. Big chunks of chocolate are fine in there, but I definitely have other Vilgain favorites. :) Cashews and coconut a little better for me.

Cashew and coconut the best! a kind of flabjack that fills you up well

perfect taste

soft, quite sweet, a little strange taste for me

I had cashews and coconut and my friend had almonds and chocolate, they were great for us.

Soft, just sweet enough bar...you can really feel the intense taste of coconut and cashews. For me maybe better than Flapjacky...I highly recommend it

Pretty sweet

Absolute perfection 🤌