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I don't really like toppings because they usually taste so artificial (especially chocolate), but this is something completely different. You can really tell that it's flavoured with real ingredients. the strawberry tastes like jam. yeah, and the consistency is very thick, like caramel.

The perfect fibre supplement! I love it

The taste is good, only the consistency is stiffer. I find it hard to squeeze 😂

This is just love at first taste 😋

Very cool, I'll try other variations but I think chocolate will be the favourite.

Great, I use it in porridge, yoghurt or coffee.

Taste really top, unfortunately very thick consistency and even when it's not in the fridge.

Bomb for porridge, yoghurt, pancakes, pancakes...top🤩🤩

Perfect, I fell in love. Beautiful to "decorate" with.

It is very good, I appreciate that it is not with artificial sweeteners, maybe the consistency if it was less "honey", when it is not eaten immediately it dries slightly.