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Excellent 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Amazing smell, amazing taste 💚

I adore all teas, but this is a different cup. You feel like you're in a real teahouse. My first loose brew and certainly not my last.

Excellent tea :)

I will definitely buy again and again!🫶🏼

the best tea

Excellent tea. I would prefer if there was more jasmine in it, but for teaholics I recommend it.

The best jasmine I've ever had! The quality of Vilgainu is really incomparable to other products on the market. They are sooooo far ahead of the rest. :))

The tea as such meets expectations and is good in taste. However, I have a problem with the packaging. I bought 3 types of tea in the same packaging and each had the same problem - when I first opened the resealable sachet, the packaging separated from the strap and the sachet could not be closed again.

I have the same problem, it also detached and won't close again.
Hello, we are sorry to hear about your negative experience with the packaging used. For the new range of teas we have used 100% compostable bags, which have a significantly lower environmental impact, but are also more prone to breaking the zipper mechanism. We are already working on the change. I have contacted you by email. Have a nice day