In sales, we communicate with hundreds of suppliers across Europe, but also with business partners from Canada, the USA, various parts of Asia and Indonesia. In addition to the availability of goods, we also provide news and events. Buyers have the broadest view across the operation of the store and in many respects define their position in the company themselves.

The product and admin team processes the complete content of the e-shop, from the management of product cards, through photos, labels, nutrition tables, categorization, to display on the web. In addition to creating Czech labels for foreign products, we also verify whether the products comply with Czech legislation. Thanks to that, we are constantly learning and learning new things in the field of fitness and healthy eating.

Retail is also an integral part, within Brno we have a total of three stores where customers can not only pick up their orders, but also shop and, above all, consult with our sellers about products and exercise and a healthy lifestyle in general. That is why every member of the team goes through an extensive educational program, which is focused not only on complete information about our products, but also on nutrition in general. And nice tastings are a matter of course :)

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