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Vilgain Weightlifting Belt ⁠–⁠ to strengthen the middle of the body and protect the spine, support maximum weight lifted
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Types of exercise belts

  • Neoprene belt for abdomen is often sought after by people who want to work up a bit more of a sweat during their workout - as evidenced by the many positive reviews. However, it should be kept in mind that a higher sweat rate does not mean more effective weight loss, and the effectiveness of these aids is not scientifically proven. When exercising, it can help with partial firming and breath control.
  • A weightlifting belt is a must‑have tool for all weightlifters and more advanced athletes. The weightlifting belt helps to effectively firm the torso and achieve better results with heavy exercises such as squats or deadlifts. It is the most widely used type of fitness belts.
  • A powerlifting belt has identical properties to a weightlifting belt. However, unlike the weightlifting one, it has no cut‑out in the abdominal area and is the same width throughout its length.
  • A weight belt with a chain for hanging discs is used to increase the weight during push‑ups or dips.

Benefits of the exercise belt

Exercise belts are not (usually) for show. The advantage of belts is that:

  • they help to effectively firm the middle of the body,
  • provide support for the abdominal and back muscles,
  • help correct posture,
  • help prevent injuries such as hernias, and
  • allow better execution of exercises.

These features make the exercise belt a great tool to help you perform better.

How to choose an exercise belt?

The basic parameter of fitness belts is their size, which is best to study for each product separately. In terms of fastening, there are three different types to choose from - Velcro, buckle (single or double), and lever buckle. Velcro is an easy to use fastener, but it can wear out and become harder to hold with time. Buckles are a more reliable fastener that hold better, but are harder to unfasten after exercise. Thus, a fitness belt with a lever buckle is considered the best to use.

When to use a fitness belt?

If we're talking about a weightlifting or powerlifting belt, then definitely not for the entire workout. Wearing a weightlifting belt even for exercises where it is not needed unnecessarily robs the natural strengthening of the abdomen and back, which in turn get used to the support from the outside. The fitness belt should only be used when lifting heavy weights. And how do you know when you are carrying heavy weight? It is a weight with which a person can do 1‑5 repetitions.

Proper use of the waist belt

It's not enough to wrap an exercise belt around your waist and expect miracles. You need to be able to breathe into it properly, which is helped by what is called power breathing, which allows you to control the intra‑abdominal pressure for maximum strengthening. After mastering the technique of breathing correctly during exercise you can proceed to the exercise with the belt, which provides added external support to the abdominal wall.

At Aktinu we offer exercise belts from the Power System or MadMax brands. We can also offer you our Vilgain Weightlifting Belt which features a minimalist unisex design and comfortable material. If you're going heavyweight, they might be a good fit for you as well. exercise gloves, jerks or magnesium for your hands.

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