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Myprotein L-glutamine
Myprotein L-glutamine
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Myprotein L-glutamine
Myprotein L-glutamine
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What is glutamine?

L‑glutamine is one of the so‑called conditionally essential amino acids, which means that our body can produce it itself in small amounts under certain circumstances. Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in skeletal muscle, where it is also produced to a large extent. In addition to muscle, it is also found in the liver, blood plasma and brain. It also serves as nutrition for intestinal cells.

Since glutamine is used up more in the body during stressful situations, illness or strenuous training, it must also be taken in the form of food or supplements. Good sources of glutamine include animal proteins - eggs, fish, red meat, milk protein - as well as plant proteins - legumes, nuts, cabbage or spirulina.

The effects of glutamine

Glutamine is central to muscle protein synthesis, as well as helping with the breakdown of ammonia from the body and maintaining nitrogen balance. L‑Glutamine is essential to the human body as it is involved in many bodily processes:

  • itsupports the function of the intestines and the digestive system,
  • improves the cognitive functions of the brain,
  • contributes to the optimal function of the immune system,
  • promotes muscle building,
  • improves athletic performance,
  • contributes to faster recovery after training.

In the event that a person does not exceed the recommended dosage several times, there are no side effects in the context of long‑term use.

Glutamine dosage

Glutamine is recommended to be taken in doses of 5 g 2‑3 per day. The ideal time for glutamine intake seems to be just before or after training and also in the evening before bedtime. For better absorption, simultaneous intake of at least a small amount of protein is recommended, often adding this to the protein. L‑glutamine can also be taken during non‑training days, which in the long run may reduce the level of muscle catabolism.

Because of some similarity to BCAAs, the question often arises as to whether these amino acids can be taken together. Can. Their synergistic effect is used by many sports nutrition supplements, glutamine is also often added to whey proteinwhich naturally contain BCAAs. The synergistic effect can also be achieved when supplementing with creatine.

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