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What is CLA?

CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, is a natural fat (a type of omega 6 fatty acid) that is popular in the sports community fat burner. It occurs naturally in the milk and meat of ruminants, in whose stomachs omega 6, specifically linoleic acid, is converted to CLA. Synthetic CLA derived from plant sources - soy, sunflower or corn - is usually used in dietary supplements.

Effects of CLA

Although CLA is touted as an effective fat burner, these effects are rarely seen in the general population. For elite athletes counting every gram, such as bodybuilders, CLA supplementation can be effective. In general, CLA can:

  • Reduce hunger,
  • regulate blood pressure and glucose levels,
  • promote physical performance, and
  • act as an anti‑inflammatory.

CLA dosage

The usual dosage that research has worked with is in the range of 3‑6 g of CLA per day. High doses can cause digestive problems. Long‑term use of CLA has not been adequately studied.

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