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High‑waisted sports leggings

Fitness leggings are part of almost every woman's wardrobe nowadays. They have become popular for their practicality, wearing comfort and versatility. Women's leggings are perfect for any workout, yoga, running, working out, going for a walk or as part of a leisure outfit. High‑waisted leggings have been a trend in recent years.

Why wear high‑waisted leggings?

  1. They shape the figure. The main advantage of high‑waisted leggings is to accentuate the feminine curves, tighten the tummy together with the waist and visually lengthen the legs. Leggings also hide every little imperfection.
  2. They do not slide. Thanks to the high waist, the leggings hold "like nailed" and do not need to stretch after every movement. Their height also keeps the hips warm and protected.
  3. They are versatile. Sports leggings go with almost everything - sports bra, t‑shirt and tank top. They also serve as a base layer under a dress or skirt.

Features of women's leggings

  • Seamless aka seamless leggings add an extra level of comfort - no seams or stitches that unnecessarily press or scratch. Thanks to these features, leggings often evoke a "second skin" feeling.
  • Compression is already a common part of sportswear. Compression leggings, or tightening leggings, promote blood circulation and muscle recovery.
  • Thefunctionality of sports leggings depends on the materials used. In our Vilgain functional leggings, we use a synthetic material, polyamide, which dries quickly and is also flexible, durable and lightweight.
  • Sustainability and eco‑friendliness is important to us, so we try to apply it to as many of our products as possible. Sustainable products are labelled sustainable.

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