For us, Vilgain products are synonymous with quality, premium and great taste. We develop and test the products ourselves and we do not forget about the individual ingredients - we carefully select suppliers with whom we can be sure of the quality and freshness of the ingredients.

We design a timeless, yet functional and simple design. We strive to make quality and healthy food accessible to as wide a spectrum of the population as possible, and we also want to spread awareness about the importance of choosing these foods. By buying things from Vilgain you not only support the project, but also show everyone that you work hard and support an active lifestyle.

What are the most popular Vilgain products?

Our customers fancied most the Vilgain whey protein - Premium whey concentrate, which comes from the milk of cows that graze on Irish meadows for at least 10 months of the year. Other top‑selling products include the famous Vilgain minute oatmeal which we source from a supplier in Finland, where the climate conditions are unique for growing oats. Our most popular products also include our Vilgain Sweet Nuts which comes in several dangerously good flavours.

What's the best part? By combining this trio of products, you can make a delicious, nutritionally balanced breakfast for the perfect start to your day.

What is your favourite recipe from Vilgain produts?

Recently, you have liked most the recipe for porridge that also "prepares itself" in the fridge overnight. All you need for it is oatmeal and milk, our Organic chia seeds protein to enrich it with quality aminoacids and our delicious Vilgain peanut butter for flavoring.

But if you're part of the savoury recipe team but also have no time to spare, we can think of only one thing - how about Vilgain pizza? All you need is our pizza base, a few ingredients and you're ready to eat in 10 minutes!

Are we going for it?

A satisfied customer is almost a given for Vilgain!

More than 90% consumer satisfaction speaks for itself. Vilgain products have found a place in the hearts (and happy bellies) of many of our customers. Don't you believe it? Just read the ubiquitous reviews for each product, written to us with gusto by consumers.

Still don't believe? I guess you have no choice but to taste all our products in person!?

And what do you think of Vilgain?