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Hello, what is the correct dosage, please? On the packaging it says 2g and here on the website 4g. Thank you, have a nice day
Good day Please which citrate do you recommend me to improve hydration of the body and delay fatigue magnesium citrate potassium citrate or calcium citrate? Thank you very much for your answer
Hello, can it be combined with nutrend unisport? Thank you
Hello if I take impack whey protein can I combine these two things? Or what is the range of use,Thank you
Hello, will Myprotein Magnesium Citrate be in stock anytime soon? Thank you.
Hello, I was wondering if there is 400mg of magnesium in a 4 gram teaspoon, what is the other 3600mg? Unfortunately it doesn't say in the ingredients. Thank you for the answer.
Hello, I want to ask when will the 500g pack be in stock? Thank you :)
Hello, when will this product be back in stock?
Hello,I would like to ask when it will be in stock again,thank you for the answer.
Hi, when will the 500g pack be in stock then? Thanks for the reply. :)