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What is Myprotein?

Myprotein is a European brand of health and sports nutrition including vitamins and other dietary supplements. It produces its own products, which are known for their fair price and high quality with a focus on verified origin of ingredients - the brand works with verified suppliers and it is thanks to their close cooperation that they manage to keep the price low.

The company strives to think and behave in an environmentally friendly way and reduces its environmental impact in the long term, including continuous innovation in production and product formulation. It uses packaging made from recycled or degradable materials to minimise waste and unnecessary material.

Myprotein has an inspirational approach and wants to make sports and health food accessible to all those who are interested and support them in their journey towards their dream goal.

What Myprotein products can you find here?

We offer some of the brand's most popular products Myprotein - Flavdropswhich come in more than 10 flavours, Impact Whey Protein, or various dietary supplements in capsule form (e.g. Myprotein Omega 3), but you can also find delicious Myprotein brownie!

Most of you like the Myprotein Impact Whey protein, which we can offer in many flavours to enhance your taste experience while supplementing the necessary protein (Chocolate and nut flavour, that's really something! ). But on the contrary, if you hate flavoured proteins and are looking for a suitable supplement, we also have Whey Protein unflavored.

Why are Myprotein Flavdrops so popular?

Myprotein Flavdrops are an invaluable flavouring not only for your diet, you can flavour or sweeten almost any dish or add it to various drinks. However, you can also add Flavdrops to baking - both Christmas and all‑year‑round buns.

Flavdrops do not contain any sugar and are therefore a good addition for anyone trying to lose weight, reduce their sugar intake or simply want to flavour their food. Have you tried all the flavours and chosen your favourite? We have a little tip for you too! You can create your own flavour - by mixing two or more drops.