Zuzana Hoferica

Zuzana Hoferica

Vytváram cvičenie na doma pre ženy, ktoré je zábavné a prínáša radosť z pohybu. Navyše rada papám a vymýšľam recepty na fit dobrotky.

Favourite products

1,49 €
Organic 1 Minute Buckwheat Meal – 200 g ⁠–⁠ super quick buckwheat porridge without sugar
2,49 €
Nut Butter Cups BIO – Peanut Butter 39 g (3 x 13 g) ⁠–⁠ chocolate cupcake full of delicious nut butter
9,99 €
Sweet Nuts – coconut with chocolate 200 g ⁠–⁠ gourmet butters with a high nut content
9,99 €
Granola – ultimate chocolate 400 g ⁠–⁠ large pieces of baked muesli with nuts, carefully handmade
1,99 €
R2E Organic Chickpeas – 150 g ⁠–⁠ protein-rich chickpeas ready for immediate consumption
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I like the design of the bra, especially the round stitching in the back! The bra has padding that you can take out, however, I find them comfortable and the bra adds an extra "push-up" effect, which is really nice for us girls with smaller breasts.

For me, yes! Super stretchy material! I dare to say that even if you were a pregnant woman, you would fit into them, because the material is super stretchy. The leggings are seamless, so no chaffing anywhere and that's a plus! This color doesn't show through, I don't know how it would with lighter shades. They stand up nicely as they should when working out, the high waist is great support.

The natural taste of tomatoes makes this ketchup my favourite among all ketchups on the market!☺️

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