Vilgain 1 Minute Protein Oatmeal Low Sugar

62 Ratings

The vanilla and cashew nut flavoured porridge is absolutely sensational. It's moist and long-lasting. For breakfast, it's absolutely divine!

Surprisingly sweeter, but delicious

Excellent as a quickie

Best příchutě🫶🏻

Would have liked a larger package, the porridge was gone right away, the taste and smell absolutely fabulous!

excellent porridge

quick preparation, excellent taste, nothing to worry about

Without exaggeration the best instant porridge I've ever had. Plus still with a great ratio of macro nutrients, I'm trying another flavor too 👏

delicious, creamy and with a dose of protein - this is a great choice!

Unfortunately unnecessarily artificial taste of cinnamon protein. Surely it would be better to give the protein without taste and flavor it with real cinnamon. I'm sure some people will love it. I, unfortunately, am sensitive to those artificial tails of flavored proteins😔