Vilgain 1 Minute Protein Rice Porridge

40 Ratings

Luxury porridge

My absolute fav! So delicious 😍

So this is a total blast for me👌. Delicious taste and lots of big chunks of strawberries👌🤗

Very tasty breakfast porridge. Quick preparation.

Taste great, it is not sweetened at all so just add fruit, nut butter and topka

Very good porridge without large chunks

Surprisingly little chemistry 8/10.

Very good, simple and quick porridge. Pleasantly creamy. I will buy again. What's really spoiling it, though, is the coconut. I don't like chunks of coconut in my meals in general, and would prefer a smooth porridge without something that just gets stuck in your throat. The flavor should definitely be renamed strawberry-coconut :)

Very tasty, just sweet enough 🤤

Amazing taste.