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It lathers nicely and can be used on hair, ironically I had itchy spots in my hair that I couldn't get rid of even with expensive shampoos from the drugstore. After two washes, the itching is gone. The only small (but perfectly logical) downside is the shape of the soap, where it takes 3-4 uses to round off the hard edges. So the first few washes are a bit impractical.

I enjoy these pure products that contain no extra chemicals. It has its aroma smell totally suits me. Also great for children

It does not irritate sensitive skin and foams nicely. After rinsing it feels very pleasant and lasts much longer than other natural soaps.

I feel like this soap smells like hay, and I totally don't need to smell that all day. For me, I really don't

Hi Alex, the smell of the soap is caused by the laurel oil used. The soap moisturizes your skin so nicely. After a while, the smell goes away. Have a nice day.

The soap is nice, it lathers nicely, but it is not for eczema. Irritates very dry eczema skin😔

It smells awful. :/

Hi Veronica, the scent of the soap is typical of the laurel oil used. Thanks to it, the soap softens and moisturizes the skin. After a while, the scent completely clears up. Have a nice day :).