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Excellent alternative. Great as a snack as well, because not only does it have enough protein, but also fiber and for me it really fills you up for a long time. I will definitely purchase again.

tastes great, but it falls apart when eaten :D

I buy repeatedly, the first time I was surprised by the taste, but the next day I was already throwing in the basket :D Very good!

I expected the cupcake to be sweeter. I don't need it again.

Excellent!!! Perfect in every way, no sugar, excessive fat or cauldron of salt, but simply chocolate and arasides. I love it. No one has ever made an alternative to reese's cups this great. I don't like reese's anymore after this, but what can you do, the ingredients sucked anyway😀😀

Pretty good.

Super and I recommend

There is no difference between a "real" patisserie cup and this cup. Or better, the difference is that this product has controlled ingredients, so I can enjoy it without feeling too guilty.

So this peanut is the top. The basket with that gooey caramel was nothing for me. I would liken this foamy peanut filling to the texture in a deli bar (I didn't like that one). The filling is sweeter and with that thick layer of dark chocolate, it's the perfect combination. I really like that the peanut filling is sweet enough so with that mega layer of chocolate, it also stands out perfectly in your mouth. There's also a little bit of that stretchy caramel in this cashew caramel chocolate basket combined with that delicious filling. Since there's not that much caramel in there all together it's just irresistible.

From the first bite she flew up the list of favorites. Yummy. I recommend putting it in the microwave for 10-15s and a delicious dessert for coffee is in the world.