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Is that it? Meaaaaaam🤩

Super sweet reward after workout 😍

It tastes great, however, it crumbles a bit and the chocolate on top is quite hard, I had a bit of a problem with it. It's perfect for melting into porridge though.

Reeses? If you are a peanut butter and chocolate lover this is for you! Crunchy chocolate on the outside and the perfect sweet cream inside! Yummy!

meaaam, great sweetie

I like dark chocolate very much (for some people it is too much) but combined with peanut cream it is divine!! :)

This chocolate snack will undoubtedly please any lover of dark chocolate and peanut butter, as these two flavours fully dominate. The flavour is therefore, from my point of view, an absolute bomb. Unfortunately, I have to deduct one star for the slightly inferior packaging, or rather the use of a paper cup wrapper (inside a plastic one), through which the chocolate easily overflowed during production and when unpacking the chocolate flies all over the place. So it's not much for the car. :-)

Best cupcake I've ever had 🤩

Like this !!! Yummy ❤️ I love the combination of araside butter and chocolate and this is my taste buds dream

Excellent alternative. Great as a snack too, not only does it have enough protein and fibre, but for me it really fills you up for longer. The product is purely made, so no preservatives, thickeners and more.. so the consistency is a bit different from the competition, so it's up to you if you sacrifice the fact that the chocolate breaks or the peanut butter isn't enriched with refined white sugar, palm oil and more. I will definitely purchase again.