317 Ratings

A super tasty, natural and fruity snack made from just 3 ingredients

Thick but good, ideal for a shake or yoghurt drink

Yummy. I don't like coconut but this is famous, juicy like no other snack so far, I've only tried one piece but it'll be great for summer on the bike. I already have that big pack in my cart.

a little treat just right for your mouth :) the taste of cherry is yummy for me

If you like coconut...this is for you 🤭🥥 10/10

Excellent. As a snack on trips absolutely ideal

The ideal combination of coconut and blueberries

MI-LU-JU, juicy, sweet but not too sweet, the cherry gives it a nice acidity

A perfectly juicy snack! Perfect for on the go. All fruit flavours are pleasantly refreshing and not over-sweetened. I'm buying for the second time.

Tried them all.not very sweet but they still taste great.for coconut lovers this is the perfect sweetness