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excellent coffee

Fine, but I found the taste less pronounced

I'm a big coffee enthusiast - espresso, filter coffee of all kinds. I've never been that much of a cold brew fan. But this coffee pleasantly surprised me! 👍

finally I don't have to go to Starbucks as this coffee is perfect

As a big coffee lover I have only to recommend. Great for summer with ice.

Excellent. 🤤I have nothing to complain about

It tastes great!

Great coffee, for travel and work ideal👌😃

Super kicker, perfect for summer with ice cubes 😍

Paradoxically, it's a much better coldbrew than the best "specialty coffee" cafes offer at many times the price. Most coldbrew tastes like cheap whiskey, because of the oxidation of the coffee. Vilgain coldbrew is smooth and "balanced" in taste. This is very good.