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I don't smell the product itself at all, on the contrary, but the resulting food tastes great. I add them to soups so that they are not cooked in water but in "broth" and they are much better.

Great quality "broth"

So this is a huge disappointment,it's some sort of thin coloured water that is completely tasteless,around demi glace this product is miles away.Shame.

Hi Martina, thank you for leaving a review. We recommend to store demi glace in the fridge. The product is not salted, so it may not be as strong as other broths/delights you are used to. Have a nice day,

The price/volume ratio when ordering suggested that it was suspicious, but this has nothing to do with demi glace, this is a broth where, on the contrary, the price/volume ratio is very unfavourable

Hi Michaela, thank you so much for your feedback. We're sorry you're not happy with Demi Glace. However, we try to design and manufacture our products with taste and quality in mind. So we would like to know where you were not happy with the product and what you think we could improve. Have a nice day,