Vilgain Energy Tidbits BIO

89 Ratings

I like them very much

Yummy with a nice texture, only the packaging is really mini.

When you look at the ingredients and then taste it, nothing surprises you. It's not great, but it's a good rescue.

The Tidbits Orange have a pleasantly refreshing orange flavor - suitable for summer, autumn and winter - with a (lukewarm) cup of green tea or chai... the size is suitable so that you can enjoy slowly and the ingredients are absolutely healthy!

an ideal snack with quality ingredients and ingredients that made me happy and satisfied, because I love dates and raw products. I tried the cocoa ones and I really liked them, but I'm not attracted to the other flavours...

the pink ones have such a soapy taste and smell for me (I understand, it's a rose) interesting choice of flavour, but probably not more than once. cocoa great!

Beautiful composition, ideal for a snack or just for munching.

amazing quick snack

I was pleasantly surprised what a good snack, it saved me in the office after lunch :D and the size is not too much, just right. My favourite was the orange, then the cocoa, and the rose as much - I liked however the chocolate pieces in it!!!

The product as such is great, good taste and consistency.. but what they don't understand is the size of the packaging- literally half (maybe even a third) would be enough. This seems to me VERY unnecessary. The rose flavor is.. interesting.. but it reminds me a bit of perfume in my mouth.