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Hello, I use the pepper burner in the morning and afternoon as a dietary supplement to support fat burning during the day. Is it possible to combine this burner with what I am taking now? I would only use it before a workout...
I'm puzzled by the dosage of 2 tablets once/twice a day. Feeling I would tend to dose 1 tablet each from morning to about 2pm (due to caffeine and sleep) to spread the effect more into the day. In what way is it better to take the two tablets at once?
Hello, it was supposed to be in stock today. I'm watching and it's moved to 12,4 🤨 will it be then?
Hello I am intermittent fasting, I exercise in the morning, is it possible to take this product on an empty stomach? Thank you
Can a person under the age of 18 take this?
Is the Burner suitable for older people? I am 66 years old and I walk six kilometres a day. Thank you.
Hello, I wanted to ask if this burner can be used with hormonal contraceptives? Will it not reduce the effect of contraception??? Thank you
Hello, I would like to ask about the recommended dosage (2-4 tablets per day). Is it a good idea to take three tablets at once (before training / possibly in the morning) or is it better to take the tablets continuously during the day (e.g. 1-1-1 dosage)? Thank you for the info. :)
Hello, should you take a burner every day or just before exercise? Can it be combined with euthyrox?
Hello, I would like to ask you, are the burners not suitable for breastfeeding women through the high caffeine content, or is it also about other ingredients?