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I've been taking it for a short time,so I can't really judge yet,but I believe that with the right lifestyle and exercise it will be a good choice 😉

With regular exercise and a balanced diet, it's a great helper :)

It gives me a nice kick, I feel more energy when I exercise and I'm more energetic. :) I give 1-2 tbl half an hour before training

It really works, workouts are much more effective with it

Don't expect a miracle pill that will make you lose 3 kilos overnight. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), that doesn't even exist. But if you're exercising and watching the right ratios of nutrients on your plate, this is a super supportive thing that can make the whole process a little easier and faster.

After a month of use at the same time with less energy intake, a great result. During the diet period there was great energy, mood, no feeling of exhaustion, etc. A big part here is forskolin, in this product in a smaller proportion than elsewhere. Thanks to which there are fewer side effects (flatulence, fast toilet, heart palpitations,...). I recommend this product for its ideal composition. Disadvantages gone, advantages remain. After almost 6 weeks: 3,5 kilos down (from 75,5kg) 4cm less in the waist 3cm off in the hips, around the buttocks and on the thighs Once a year I will probably try again, again for 6 weeks.

After running 5km I'm sweaty as after running a half marathon, I'm just starting with the burner, I can't evaluate the long term effect.