Himalayan pink salt

74 Ratings

I only use this salt and I have to recommend it 10/10

I have nothing to complain:) super variant of the classic salt

I buy Himalayan salt only in Aktine, I am satisfied with the quality, grain size (it passes through finer salt shakers).

I don't buy salt other than Himalayan salt anymore. :) I don't know why, but I get this weird aftertaste from regular rock salt. Anyway, Himalayan salt salts a bit less than the classic salt, so beware of it if you ever run out like I did and replace the amount you're used to with white salt - it makes the food a bit over-salted. :D

It's salty, everything is fine, the world is in balance.

Himalayan pink salt is much healthier than white salt. From my point of view, it is literally a duty to include it.

So far no problems, I try to salt a little and so far nothing is salted, so satisfaction

Super salt, only the mild flavor is really very mild. You can hardly smell it.

We haven't used another one at home in years.

Great. I don't salt any more than Himalayan. 🙂