Himalayan pink salt

130 Ratings

Amazing salt. It's salt in a heartbeat.

I ordered it for the second time! Amazing!

What can I say about salt :D

Convenient packaging!

I've been using it for 4 years and I'm satisfied, the food tastes better, you can add it to your bath not only as a cooking ingredient 😊

I like to use it for salting food as well as classic chemically purified salt. I started to use it especially when I started to cook for my children

Himalayan salt is our favourite at home and this version seems to be the best :)

I only use this salt and I have to recommend it 10/10

I have nothing to complain:) super variant of the classic salt

I buy Himalayan salt only in Aktine, I am satisfied with the quality, grain size (it passes through finer salt shakers).