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Strong taste and ideal during sports.

I bought a sample. The solubility is perfectly fine when shaken normally. I didn't expect it to pour water over it and dissolve on its own, and it doesn't. I was a little worried about the flavor. It's kind of a little creamy peach, not the lush fruity peach I was expecting, and pretty sweet. Light on the stomach, I had no problem. I tried it during a longer workout and felt better endurance. I normally do shorter workouts, so I won't be ordering the full pixel. It's not bad in any way, but I don't need it. It's definitely good for longer workouts, if I ever change the split I'll order it.

Solubility is good, it smells very nice, so fresh fruity like raspberry, but I can't handle the taste. It has such a strange bitter artificial "aftertaste". I only bought a single pack for a trial run and I did well. If I wasn't sorry, I'd pour it out. The effect was fine, I felt good and it wasn't even hard on my stomach, just a shame it didn't taste strongly.

I can't imagine exercising without this :) I recommend it with all 10

Really great

I'm still trying out the patterns. The taste is good. I don't feel fatigue during the workout, so great.

Probably my favorite supplement from Vilgain. It helps replenish energy between workouts and the caffeine is great to get you pumped up and allow you to pull off a higher quality workout. Top notch!

I don't like it much.

I bought this drink because I go on all-day trips to the countryside and in this heat you need to hydrate. The powder dissolved badly in the water and the taste was like hot. I don't like it at all...

Drink plain water if you need to hydrate. With these drinks the taste is completely irrelevant (totally fine btw), it's the ingredients you get into you - which are absolutely spot on. Vilgain, please don't drink anything!
Hi Joseph, thank you for sharing your feedback. A spiral shaker is best for mixing the powder. Have a nice day.