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I was skeptical, but I have to admit that after just one week of taking it I feel less fatigue, which as a working mom of three who never stops working from morning till night I really appreciate. And those I only take one capsule a day and not the 2 recommended. For me, I really recommend it!

Magnesium in a well absorbed form at a reasonable price.

I've been using magnesium as an amateur athlete for a long time, this particular one not so long. I stopped taking magnesium for a time, I felt cramps in the hills when running, which I didn't have before. I took this magnesium when I bought it as well, the cramps disappeared, so hopefully it works as well as it did for me. What appealed to me with this one was the ingredients. I would buy repeatedly.

a good morning kicker

Fast delivery, satisfaction with every order

Complete satisfaction, after a few days of use I felt the changes - it works!

It suits me very well