Vilgain Modal Terry Bike Short

45 Ratings

Comfortable, they have a shiny stripe on the inside near the waist so they don't slip when moving down, visually they make a nice figure.

They fit beautifully on the body, they do not press, but the high rubber on the belly, so you can not wear them in the heat or exercise - they are very sweaty

Bike shorts make a nice figure, the material is nice, the threads fall out here and there. The elastic around the waist is not necessary, the shorts hold tight and the elastic peels off over time and is absolutely everywhere.

It fits me even S, although I was afraid of the small size after unpacking, but it really fits the figure. Buy your size, it fits true to size

Very interesting, cool material. You have to be careful with sharp objects (or nails), but otherwise the checks are very nice and good quality.

Nice material and even nicer color! Vilgain biker shorts make a beautiful figure! What I really appreciate is the elastic in the waistband, which guarantees that the shorts will never move and will always stay nicely on the figure!

The pants are great, I just have a problem with the silicone strip on the inside, I think they wouldn't slide off the waist even without it.

I really like how the elastic is inserted on the waistband, which makes the shorts ''stick'' to my stomach and not move a bit :)

Comfortable, for wearing at home and out!

Very nice material, like a second skin :)