Vilgain Multivitamin Complex

answered questions
Can I take this product while breastfeeding?
Is it possible to take this vitamin complex also in pregnancy?
Hello, I am considering buying these vitamins. What about the vitamins that should not be combined together - B12 and C? How are they then absorbed? Thank you.
Hi there, I'm looking into this multivitamin but I'm not 100% sure whether to choose it. I'm comparing against Reflex Nexgen, which I'm currently buying and I'm happy with it. Reflex has I think 28 substances, your multivitamin only 26, but has interestingly spaced daily doses (most come out at +100% of the daily dose). I currently take: multivitamin Reflex Nexgen, Omega-3 PromIN, Magnesium Reflex, Zinc PromIN, Probiotics Aktin, Vitamin-C and Iron Aktin. Should I swap the multivitamin for yours or is it about the same?
Hello, can multivitamins be combined with Probiotic Complex?
Hello, is the multivitamin suitable for people without much physical exertion?
Hello, is it preferable to take 1 tablet 3 times a day or 3 capsules at a time? Thank you for your answer. :)
Hello, is there really only 75mg of magnesium in this Multivitamin Complex? Isn't there actually supposed to be 275 or 375mg? For one thing, that would be a woefully low dose, and for another, you have magnesium first in the ingredients, which should mean there is more than the second ingredient in the order (which is 200mg of β-glucans). Thank you very much for the answer.