Vilgain Organic Mini Cookies

732 Ratings

I eat these mini cookies almost every day. Perfect snack size, incredibly tasty, perfect as a topping and great ingredients. What more could you want ☺️

Great, it's not over sweetened at all, it holds together but it's not dense and it bites well. Ideal packing for "takeaway" trips, I'll definitely be ordering this for the summer on the bike it won't melt in my backpack like chocolates.

The taste is not as pronounced as one might expect, but in the end it actually does not matter at all, because at least it is not too sweet. Perfect for snacking.

Cool biscuits,very tasty....

They're fine but the flavor didn't really appeal to me

I like to shop here, I'm satisfied

Mini cookies didn't appeal to me. I was expecting more of a crunchy texture.

Mnamka, as long as you don't eat the whole bag at once, prtz will fill you up 👌👌

I guess they were too good, I didn't have any left. My friend ate them all.