Vilgain Organic Peanut Butter Delight

39 Ratings

delicate, pleasantly sweet. Yummy

amazing taste and consistency!

Taste excellent, great product

Excellent :)

The best butter

Butter with maple syrup sheer topka❤️

Soft buttery, pleasantly sweet and that pinch of salt accentuates it all perfectly ☝️✨️

Delicate butter with a delicate taste - also great for desserts - no need to add any more sweetener

The best peanut butter, smooth, tastes great, I have never tasted better!

The classic nutty texture of the perfect flavour of bold peanuts combined with maple syrup is heaven in the mouth and a pinch of salt enhances the flavour wonderfully. And it's sweet just the right amount of perfection won't warm up for long at home