Vilgain Organic Plum Spread

52 Ratings

Flavor top and it's composition!! 👌

It went bad soon after I started it, even though it was in the fridge. Too bad, otherwise very good, not too sweet.

Hi Pavla, we're sorry! We recommend to keep the spread in the fridge after opening and consume it within 3 days. Due to its all-natural composition, we recommend using only clean utensils for the product so that nothing gets into the jar. Have a nice day 🌸.

Like a pudding with an excellent composition🥰

Yummy🤤 I didn't buy last time. I just expected it to be a little sweeter, but that's just a small detail👀

Super variant of povidel, when you don't want to eat too much sugar... If it had chunks in it, it would be 100% for me. The velvety smooth consistency is not my personal preference for fruit spreads/marmelades/jams.

It's excellent.

Great, I'll buy again :)

I've loved puddings since I was a kid and this one is the bomb with no added sugar 💪💪

Amazing stuff! 🥰

Great plum pudding 😋