Vilgain Organic Vegetable Broth without salt

9 Ratings

The broth is completely tasteless, I can't imagine diluting it further when it is so weak in the original amount. I had to season it with another stock cube. Not this product :/

Hi Péti, our vegetable broth contains primarily vegetables, and we used a little white wine, garlic and herbs for flavouring. Therefore, you may not find the flavour as strong as other broths that contain flavour enhancers. Feel free to personalise the broth to your liking - for example, by adding parsley, lovage or bay leaves. Have a nice day

I don't like to throw food away, but I really had to spill this, my sister called it ponozkovy vyvar.... Very strange, unpleasant taste... So far I've been satisfied with everything vilgain max, after this experience I don't buy news and I'd rather wait for the reviews to pile up because as I see I'm not the only one who doesn't like this 🙄

Hi Nina, it's too bad the broth didn't suit you. Don't be afraid to flavor the broth to your preference - add salt, spices, and add it to the dish, which will get the right flavor thanks to the broth. Have a nice day

Dear Vilgain! The product arrived unopened and most of it spilled so I couldn't use it! What should I do?

Dear Gyöngyi, thank you for informing us about the problem you have encountered. We are sorry that the product arrived damaged. We have sent you an e-mail in which we will check the order together and resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Have a nice day

Unfortunately a big disappointment, probably the only product I have not been happy with since Vilgain, maybe even angry. Tasteless, in the ratio they recommend it would be a complete mess.

Hi Magdalena, thank you so much for sharing your experience. We would be happy to hear more details - for example, what recipe did you follow when using our broth? Try it as a base for ramen or in risotto We have stated in the product card that the dosage is a guide only and very much depends on your preference. We would appreciate your response as feedback helps us improve our products. Have a great day.