answered questions
Hello, I have been waiting for the product for 2-3 months. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday and now it has been delayed again for another 3 days. When is the real date of stocking please? I would like to know whether to wait or to go elsewhere. Alternatively, do you have anything on offer with similar effects? Thank you. :)
Hello, I would like to ask for what reason this product has been out of stock for more than a month. We have been "expecting it any day now" since the beginning of April and still nothing. Will it continue to just extend the delivery time or will you actually stock the product sometime soon?(:
Could I please ask how often to take the product, if you need to take some breaks? I have been taking it for almost a month now and my period came more than a week early, and it is really very weak. Could this be due to this dietary supplement? Thank you :)
Is it ok in combination with fatburner? Thank you
Hello, can the product be combined with supergreens?
Hello, I wanted to ask if you think the supplement could also alleviate problems associated with menopause? My mom has problems with hot flashes in particular, several times a day. Thank you J🫶🏼
Hello, can a 14 year old girl use the product? Alternatively, whether in the same dosage or just half ( she is slim ). Thank you
Hello, is it suitable to combine with Nexgen multivitamins? Thank you
Should I take it all the time or just before menstruation?
Hello, is it suitable to combine with contraception? Because of Mace, thank you :)