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I've been taking it for about 5 days so far, and I can feel the improvement, I don't know if it's because it's started to be nice outside, or if it's the PMS Balanc, but I'm generally less pissed off at the whole neighborhood.

I've been using the product for about a month or two, and so far I haven't had any cramps, which I suffered from before during the ms - and apart from PMS balance I haven't changed anything else. For me it works perfectly.

I don't quite know yet, we'll see in a month

I recommend it to all women and girls who suffer from the classics during menstruation -pain, moods, cravings/dislikes... I've been taking it for about a week (just before expecting) and I'm pain free, don't have as big cravings for any food, am in a good mood and generally feel good. Definitely give it a try💕

Bought for girlfriend. She has been taking it for about 3 weeks. She says that compared to before she started, she doesn't feel any difference in herself. What hurt before, hurts the same now. Her mood swings are exactly the same as before, (I can confirm). We'll see when she's been taking it for at least a month, but for now we see no reason to buy again.

I'm giving half of it, because I've been taking it for about 5 days now, the fact is that I'm eating less, but I've also started eating psylium capsules